The Best Professional Guides

We will assign to the expedition the most experienced and professional guides on Aconcagua. Joining our expedition ensures your best chances of a successful summit.

An experienced guide is the key to both success of the expedition and personal safety. The guides will personally attend to all your needs on the mountain. Continuously by your side, checking equipment, securing your crampons, securing ropes if necessary, organising your meals and provisions and monitoring your hydration levels for proper regulation of altitude adaption which is imperative for your physical conditioning whist climbing at altitude.

All guides that works with us are experienced professionals and highly skilled. They are all qualified with licenses from organisations that guarantee their specialised training. All guides are graduates from the Provincial School of High Mountain Guides and Trekking (EPGAMT) The only school specialising on Aconcagua or accredited by the Argentina Association of Mountain Guides (AAGM), many of whom are also members of the Association of Professional Guides Mountain and Trekking (AAGPMT) and some guides also licensed with IFMGA.

The services of guides fulfils both quality and safety standards. They are selected very carefully, knowing that the life of a climber depends on their training and experience. All guides have been trained especially for first aid care in inhospitable areas and treat all health problems from exposure to cold and altitude sickness.

Better chance of success

The ascent of Aconcagua is subject to many variables, specific to each person, technicals and external. It is our goal to monitor all variables to best increase your chance of reaching the summit. Therefore, Be careful!! Do not trust in just given numbers on success ratio!

You will find various percentages of success, all based on different parameters, always pay special attention to this!
Everything we do is focused on the fact that we want you to have a well prepared, safe and successful expedition. This is our primary goal for each individual client we strive for.
Some companies calculate their success by the number of “expeditions” that reaches the summit, but with only one member of the team who has succeeded. Other measure their success by the number of climbers who have reached the summit.

We believe that  the success rate is not decisive when choosing a company, because there are different variables to attend to reach the summit of Mt Aconcagua.

Personal variables

They play an important role in fostering success to access the summit.

1) Previous training
2) Experience on mountains
3) Ability to adapt to your surrounds which are far from home comforts
4) Mental equilibrium
5) Quality of personal equipment.

Technical variables

At INKA Expeditions we deal with other variables that, from our experience, we know are essential in success:

1) Professional Mountain Guides
Experienced in the mountains and trained to resolve all emergency situations.

2) The best designed programs
Tailored specifically to support the process of acclimatization. Our shortest programs are 18 days and they also incorporate additional days to attempt the summit in case of bad weather. We can also prepare extra acclimatisation programs.

3) Good rest periods
Our INKA camps on the mountains are the most comfortable. We have the best infrastructure in the park and we provide the best client services. You can spend your free time protected in a dining dome, surfing the Internet or resting in your tent, to focus your mind on summit day. At higher camps our guides will cook meals, boil water and will be at your service to limit your energy output.

4) Communication between the base camps and Mendoza
Our guides have the most comprehensive information on weather forecasting, to monitor and select the best day to attempt your summit.

5) Control of adequate acclimatization
The guides are trained to detect any signs of problems in the process of acclimatization to the altitude.

6) Eating Well
Menus have been specially designed by a nutritionist to prepare balanced meals by our chefs which are best suited for altitude and acclimatisation. We prepare special menus for vegetarians or celiacs at no additional cost.

7) Gear Transportation
For all expeditions we have porters to help with basic equipment and mules that facilitate the transport of heavy loads so not to expose your additional gear to extra wear. You also have the option of hiring personal porters, if you find necessary.

External variables

There are some variables that are out of the hands of both the climber and the company, these are:

1) Adverse weather conditions.
2) The personal limit of physiological adaptation to altitude, determined by each individual.
3) Individual health conditions of a climber.

Remember that always we will always prioritise the safety of our clients first and foremost.
If you would like more information on any of these issues please contact us. We will answer all of your concerns.

More than 25 years of experience and trajectory

We are the leader for expeditions and treks on Aconcagua. From 1991 we have organised more than 1000 expeditions.

Our family business structure allows each client to be treated in a personalized manner according to their needs and are supported by a unique logistic infrastructure in this area. We are the first local company offering a guaranteed departure schedule of expeditions on Aconcagua.
Our staff are the most qualified and the have best experience allowing a high rate of success for the summit ascent.

Sebastian Tetilla, general director.
Head guide and general director of the company, Sebastian is a professional licensed guide holding the accreditations of both National High Mountain and Trekking Guide and Mountaineering Instructor.

Sebastian is the founding member of the Aconcagua Park Service Providers Chamber and the Association of Professional Mountain Guides in Argentina.
He first started his activity in the mountains at the age of 15. The mountains were always his passion and from a young age he began to climb mountains over 5000 meters. His first ascent of Aconcagua was at age 16, and since then he has summited 25 times via different routes on the mountain. He has also summited Mount Blanc in France, Mount McKinley in Alaska, Mount Elbrus in Russia, Kilimanjaro in Africa and several mountains in Europe and Bolivia.
After working as a guide on Aconcagua, in 1991, with the support of his family, he founded Adventure Dreams, the first local company offering guaranteed scheduled departure expeditions to Aconcagua. During this period he organised expeditions for climbers from around the world. The companies reputation grew, not only for the clients achievements but also for the professionalism and the services provided to the clients.

In 1997, Adventure Dreams became INKA Expediciones. Now we continue the journey of the growth of the company where the whole Tetilla family are active participants in organising all aspects of trekking and expeditions to the summit of Aconcagua, positioning itself as the best company on Aconcagua.

We provide the best safety for you

We best guarantee safety by: planning, experience, early detection of adverse symptoms, immediate treatment of Acute Mountain Sickness, strong knowledge of Aconcagua and monitoring all risks before proceeding.

1) The most experienced guides for all situations
All of our guides are trained in mountain medicine and are experienced in contingency and evacuation plans if an emergency situation occurs.
Furthermore, our guides carry first aid kits with all groups to provided immediate appropriate medical attention, including oximeters for continuous monitoring of blood oxygen saturation and heart rate.

2) Own medical equipment
We have comprehensive kits that include all medicines and other medical items such as oximeters, oxygen tubes and hyperbaric chambers exclusively for our clients in ready to solve all kinds of problems.

3) Integrated communication
Every year we make a significant investment in communications to update all new technology as its a very isolated environment on the mountain. All of our camps and the logistic bases in both Penitentes and Mendoza are interconnected through different media, such as radio, telephone and internet. Thus, in case of an evacuation caused by effects of extreme cold, brain and lung edema and other traumas and disorders that can impact our clients at altitude.

4) Tested Contingency Plan
We pay special attention to our contingency plans for search and rescue and evacuation of people from health problems. Routines and plans have been executed and well proven with complete success in the cases in which is has been necessary.

5) Own evacuation service
We have several different transportation services for Aconcagua and have the quickest access to health care centres. In the case of greater emergency evacuations, Aconcagua Provincial Park offers helicopter services to the park entrance.
We have access to rangers, rescue teams, Police, medical professionals and medial institutes specializing in mountain accidents who are immediately put on alert and mobilised whenever they are required by INKA Expeditions.

Personalized Attention

We treat each of our clients as a friend. Our relationships are always personal, frank, loyal and warm.

We are a locally based family company that love the mountains and especially Aconcagua. We treat each of our clients as a friend. Our greatest asset is that we can proudly say that through our work, we have climber friends worldwide.

At Inka expeditions we are a great team of people that enjoy working on the mountain. From our varied roles, such as our sales and client relations, mountain guides, camp staff, porters, “Arrieros” and Logistic personnel, we are at the disposition of our clients at all times.

We all are guided by one goal: to share our passion for the mountain with climbers who visit us.

The most reliable support for your expedition

We want you to concentrate solely on enjoying this once in a lifetime experience and leave the logistical headache in the hands of the Aconcagua Specialists.

At INKA we have vehicles, mules and the infrastructure with all the equipment required to provide the best and most reliable service for our expeditions.
We make sure all the needs of our customers are provided within so we do not require any external outsourcing.For many years we have worked in a qualified and responsible way. Being an official authorized service provider on Aconcagua we have the most experience as specialists in our area.

1) The broader network of support for expeditions.
When you join one of INKA Expediciones groups you receive the support and backup of our entire organization and the connections attached to it.
All of our guides are interconnected with each other and also with the park ranger services and rescue patrol via radio. From the city of Mendoza and our logistic bases in Penitentes and Puente de Inca, all the staff permanently receive accurate and updated information of the weather and the routes, as well as receiving immediate help for any situation. This organisation is very important during emergencies.
Our customers are assisted in a coordinated manner by the guides, camp staff, porters, “arrieros”, camp managers, assistants and all other people connected to the company. Our staff are all very professional, always greeting you with a smile on their face from the different locations on the mountain, providing you with a network of support in and around the mountain.

2) The best infrastructure in the mountain.
We operate the most comprehensive camps at Cerro Aconcagua.
The camps are places for meeting, resting, preparation and acclimatisation prior to ascending the routes that will take you to the summit. At all camps there are trained staff, who receive and dispatch the equipment carried by the mules, prepare meals, organise all communication and general services to attend to your needs.
They are designed and constructed to withstand strong winds, snow and any climatic conditions that could occur. Due to their singular geodesic design they offer more safety and extra comfort. We have made improvements which consist of hardwood floors, LED lighting, new bedrooms domes and hot shower services at base camp Plaza de Mulas.
The kitchen and heating is provided by gas, transported regularly up the mountain by our mules. The water is pure and is provided by an appropriate water receiving system.
In our camps, you will be able to enjoy good music, comfortable seating and areas always prepared for all meal times and relaxation periods. We provide all kitchenware and additional elements necessary.
The sleeping tents are new and of the best standard, all connected and placed on level grounded areas. Inside the tents you will find thick mats (uncommon in mountain camps), making your rest a more comfortable and restful one.

We adapt to your needs

We provide options and solutions that only our experience can offer. You can choose a date and time frame for your expedition that best fits your needs or customize your expedition by adding services. Let us know what you need, sure we will please you!

All our expeditions departures are 100% guaranteed
We lead over 50 departures in an Aconcagua season, more than any other company. Because of this you can choose a date and time frame that best fits your needs. The minimum number of people in a group in order to participate is 1 (one). If the group is not complete, the itinerary will be carried out without any surcharge, respecting the original itinerary and all services included in the program.

Special meals
In the case that you are a vegetarian, celiac or if your religious beliefs require special preparation of your meals, just let us know and we can assist you.
The most important thing to know is that this will not involve additional costs and we can give more attention to preparation and service of meals at both base camp and high camps to guarantee you good acclimatization and proper nutrition.

We customize your expedition
Through our tailor made expeditions, we offer the best options for you to schedule the expedition to your liking. At Inka we provide both the logistical and organisation services through a variety of options that will cover all your needs. In addition, through our experience, we can advise you so that together we can focus on the success of your expedition.

Certified Quality Services

In order to ensure our quality standards, we have established and implemented a quality system for the design and assistance of services for mountain expeditions.

Certification is just one step in our long journey to maintain the best quality for our services, motivated by the trust of our clients that each day help us improve.
The balance between safety, quality and price is our constant concern. Our service advantages are impossible to achieve for other foreign and local companies, so we offer the fairest and convenient price for high quality services.

ISO 9001:2008
TUV Rheinland Argentina SA performed an audit and certified that we fulfil the requirements according to ISO9001:2008. In doing so we maintain our leadership on logistic services and Aconcagua expeditions.
Recently we has renewed our certifications, expanding the scope and demonstrating that the effort to be better is not in vain.
Certification Scope
– Design and rendering of mountain expeditions services.
– Commercialization and Provision of:
> Mountain Guides Services
> Loading and Transportation Logistic services on the mountain
> Mountain Cooking Services
> Lodging Services on the Mountain
> Transportation of passengers services both to and from the Mountain

The Ministry of Tourism of the Nation (SECTUR) and the Argentine Institute of Standardization and Certification (IRAM) have developed a specific set of rules for management systems which apply specifically to tourism.
These set of rules was created to present guidelines on activities that had not been regulated formally throughout the country, working on the need to professionalise the activities for the growing customer demands.
The first company to certify with the IRAM SECTUR in Argentina was INKA Aconcagua Expediciones with the scope “Tourism services of mountaineering”.
Inka was certified in February 2009, after 4 months of implementation giving a higher quality of service both internal and external with the certification renewed in 2011.

Commitment to Environmental Care

At INKA Expeditions we are committed not only as the best service providers within the park, but as mountaineers who love and respect the mountain, to care for, protect and safeguard the environment around us.

In order to conserve natural and cultural values of the area, Aconcagua Provincial Park was declared in 1983 covering 71,000 hectares.
The protected area has one of the most valuable natural resources of the planet, fresh water, which is contained in glaciers and headwaters. Another value is vital animal and plant diversity within it.

The principles on which this policy is based are:
1) Optimising our services through friendly actions within the environment.
2) Continually training our team in the techniques designed to protect the environment.
3) The constant search for opportunities to reduce environmental impacts and natural resources through increased efficiency, innovation and performance monitoring.
4) Respect for environmental protection laws by complying with current legislation and seeking to improve current standards.

During the season we provide all our own transportation service to transport waste out of Aconcagua Park.

We exceed your expectations

We are fully convinced of the importance of unifying the efforts of all members of the company to achieve your satisfaction through continuous improvement in all our activities.

We are firmly and responsibly committed to providing resources and support necessary to ensure permanent quality of the products we offer and in the services and care we provide. Exceeding the expectations of our clients is our goal.

Our concern lies is the success of our services and achieving customer satisfaction. We carry out quality controls and customer surveys to learn, study and improve from the results obtained. We are very proud of the excellent results obtained so far.

Latest improvements in our services:
1) Hardwood floors our geodesic dining domes.
2) Shower services in all our camps.
3) LED lighting in camps.
4) Dome bedrooms.