Family Company

We are a family and local company, in love with our country and the Aconcagua. We attend to each of our clients as friends. Our relationship with the client is always personal, straightforward, loyal and affective.

Our task is strongly motivated and directed towards the attainment of your goal to reach the summit, but we are also thrilled to meet new people and to do as much as we can so you can leave us with the best memories of our country and of our people.

Family members: Angel and Violeta, and their sons, Sebastian, Pablo, Federico, Gerardo and Florencia.

Sebastián, Pablo, Gerardo and Florencia reached the peak of the Aconcagua for the first time at the age of 16. Before that age, they had already ascended peaks, higher than 5.000 and 6.000 m, and also have experience climbing mountains in other parts of the world.

Sebastián is the Guide Leader and Main Manager of the company. His experience as a professional Guide and international climber has allowed him to develop the logistic and technologic aspect that come together to guarantee total safety and service quality hard to overcome.

Pablo is the Coordinator of Logistics. His responsibility is to optimize all the details on the services that the client will found at the logistics centers and camps.

Federico is the Network and Telecommunications specialist. Is who holds together all the computer and communications technology, in permanent update.

Their parents, Angel and Violeta develop administrative tasks and permanently monitor the contractual and financial aspects in Mendoza.

Sebastian Tetilla

Head guide and general director of the company, Sebastian is a professional licensed guide holding the accreditations of both National High Mountain and Trekking Guide and Mountaineering Instructor.

Sebastian is founding member of the Aconcagua Park Service Providers Chamber and the Association of Professional Mountain Guides in Argentina.
He first started his activity in the mountains at the age of 15. The mountains were always his passion and from a young age he began to climb mountains over 5000 meters. His first ascent of Aconcagua was at age 16, and since then he has summited 25 times via different routes on the mountain. He has also summited Mount Blanc in France, Mount McKinley in Alaska, Mount Elbrus in Russia, Kilimanjaro in Africa and several mountains in Europe and Bolivia.
After working as a guide on Aconcagua, in 1991, with the support of his family, he founded Adventure Dreams, the first local company offering guaranteed scheduled departure expeditions to Aconcagua. During this period he organised expeditions for climbers from around the world. The companies reputation grew, not only for the clients achievements but also for the professionalism and the services provided to the clients.

In 1997, Adventure Dreams became INKA Expediciones. Now we continue the journey of the growth of the company where the whole Tetilla family are active participants in organising all aspects of trekking and expeditions to the summit of Aconcagua, positioning itself as the best company on Aconcagua.

Sales, Reservations and Customer Service

Our team consists of experienced professionals outstanding in all aspects of what an experience in Aconcagua required. Their experience, flexibility and capabilities allows us to find the most effective solution for every mountaineer.

From our office, located in the City of Mendoza, our team focuses on achieving a high level of customer satisfaction. We are proud of our unique ability to understand and meet the needs of those who visit Mount Aconcagua.

Logistic Area

Since the beginning of the company, we have paid great attention to this important area, vital to provide a high quality service.
We have 2 logistics centers: one located in the City of Mendoza and another in Penitentes.
Members of our team have a strong experience in the requirements of the mountain.
Our team is responsible for the provision of food and equipment to the camps, carrying luggage, moving people and infrastructure maintenance.
Our goal is to provide the entire logistics process, so our customers only worry about enjoying a unique experience in Aconcagua.


The “mule drivers” or Arrieros, historic characters of Argentina , are strong and simple men that live in the country and work with animals from very young ages. Each one of them works with 3 loaded mules to guarantee safety for the transported equipment. They load and unload the mules and share with you their knowledge of the area.

Camps Crew

At our camps Confluencia, Plaza de Mulas and Plaza Argentina,  our staff is available permanently during the Aconcagua season.

We have a multidisciplinary team from different areas, with something in common: love for the mountains and the mission of support our customers to enjoy the experience.

Our responsible for camp are in charge of receiving clients, organization and maintenance of camp, coordination of loads when receiving, dispatching and storing equipment carried by mules. We also have staff to the attention of services such as internet, telephony and selling products and services.

Our cooks are professional chefs, responsible for implementation of  proper food on the mountain. “Homemade” food, always fresh ingredients.


The porters are young and capable of transporting your loads to any part of the Aconcagua in a responsible way, guaranteed.

The porter is in charge of helping the group with the extra weight, shared equipment such as tents, food and fuel. This is done so you avoid making extra efforts and to preserve your energy for the summit.