The ascent of Aconcagua is subject to many variables, specific to each person, technicals and external. It is our goal to monitor all variables to best increase your chance of reaching the summit. Therefore, Be careful!! Do not trust in just given numbers on success ratio!

You will find various percentages of success, all based on different parameters. Pay special attention to this!
Some companies calculate their success by the number of “expeditions” that reaches the summit, but with only one member of the team who has succeeded. Other measure their success by the number of climbers who have reached the summit.
But, are this real parameters to choose a mountain company?

We believe that  the success rate is not decisive when choosing a company, because there are different variables to attend to reach the summit of Mt Aconcagua.

Personal variables

They play an important role in fostering success to access the summit.

1) Previous training
2) Experience on mountains
3) Ability to adapt to your surrounds which are far from home comforts
4) Mental equilibrium
5) Quality of personal equipment.

Technical variables

The technical variables are those that consider the services in the mountains and generally focus on safety, good health, food and rest.
At INKA Expeditions we deal with this variables that, from our experience, we know are important in success:

1) Professional Mountain Guides
Experienced in the mountains and trained to resolve all emergency situations.

2) The best designed programs
Tailored specifically to support the process of acclimatization. Our shortest programs are 18 days and they also incorporate additional days to attempt the summit in case of bad weather. We can also prepare extra acclimatisation programs.

3) Good rest periods
Our INKA camps on the mountains are the most comfortable. We have the best infrastructure in the park and we provide the best client services. You can spend your free time protected in a dining dome, surfing the Internet or resting in your tent, to focus your mind on summit day. At higher camps our guides will cook meals, boil water and will be at your service to limit your energy output.

4) Communication between the base camps and Mendoza
Our guides have the most comprehensive information on weather forecasting, to monitor and select the best day to attempt your summit.

5) Control of adequate acclimatization
The guides are trained to detect any signs of problems in the process of acclimatization to the altitude.

6) Eating Well
Menus have been specially designed by a nutritionist to prepare balanced meals by our chefs which are best suited for altitude and acclimatisation. We prepare special menus for vegetarians or celiacs at no additional cost.

7) Gear Transportation
For all expeditions we have porters to help with basic equipment and mules that facilitate the transport of heavy loads so not to expose your additional gear to extra wear. You also have the option of hiring personal porters, if you find necessary.

External variables

There are some variables that are out of the hands of both the climber and the company, these are:

1) Adverse weather conditions.
2) The personal limit of physiological adaptation to altitude, determined by each individual.
3) Individual health conditions of a climber.

Remember that always we will always prioritise the safety of our clients first and foremost.
If you would like more information on any of these issues please contact us. We will answer all of your concerns.