In addition to the already recognized Normal Route for the ascent to the summit of the Stone Sentinel, there is a route that generates increasingly more adepts, especially for those who want to enjoy a complete experience on Mount Aconcagua.

This traverse begins in the beautiful Vacas Valley. It is a 3 days trek reaching base camp that will help us in the process of acclimatization gaining altitude gradually. The natural environment is very different from other valleys, as there is a great presence of flora and fauna, that allow us to enjoy an exclusive landscape, with an incredible view of the east side of the Aconcagua and the Polish Glacier. It is also one of the less traveled routes, so there is less human impact in the natural environment.

During the trekking prior to arrival at the base camp, you will have an experience closer to mountain life. There are no fixed camps in the approaching, we will enjoy typical Argentine food cooked to the coals and we will have the opportunity to share the own culture of the muleteers, since they will camp next to us.

Base Camp Plaza Argentina is reached after passing the Quebrada del Relincho. During this trekking we will climb almost 1000 meters until reaching 4200 m. Camp Plaza Argentina is the base for the ascents by the East wall (Direct Polish Glacier Route) and the False Polish Route or Ameghino Crossing.
The route of ascent is the product of the combination between the Crossing of Poles, Travesía of the Ameghino, Route of the Valley of Guanacos and Normal Route.

After all the preparations, we begin the ascent, transferring the first part of the Route of the Poles to the Camp 1. Then we will cross the porch of the Ameghino Hill and continue ascending towards Camp 2. From there, we will ascend to Camp 3 through the upper part of the Guanacos Valley route. At that point we will have covered the face east and north face of the Aconcagua. Finally the summit crossing the last section of the Normal Route, on the West side.

The descent is done by the Normal Route to the base camp Plaza de Mulas, the largest of the Aconcagua Park, where we will celebrate for having achieved our goals.
Next day we will begin the return to the City of Mendoza. We will arrive at Camp Confluencia, where we can rest and take some refreshment and we will continue towards Laguna de los Horcones, from where we will be able to observe the South face of the Aconcagua, with its imposing glaciers.
Finally we will say goodbye to Aconcagua Park having known and enjoyed all the faces of Aconcagua.