We best guarantee safety by: planning, experience, early detection of adverse symptoms, immediate treatment of Acute Mountain Sickness, strong knowledge of Aconcagua and monitoring all risks before proceeding.

1) The most experienced guides for all situations
All of our guides are trained in mountain medicine and are experienced in contingency and evacuation plans if an emergency situation occurs.
Furthermore, our guides carry first aid kits with all groups to provided immediate appropriate medical attention, including oximeters for continuous monitoring of blood oxygen saturation and heart rate.2) Own medical equipment
We have comprehensive kits that include all medicines and other medical items such as oximeters, oxygen tubes and hyperbaric chambers exclusively for our clients in ready to solve all kinds of problems.3) Integrated communication
Every year we make a significant investment in communications to update all new technology as its a very isolated environment on the mountain. All of our camps and the logistic bases in both Penitentes and Mendoza are interconnected through different media, such as radio, telephone and internet. Thus, in case of an evacuation caused by effects of extreme cold, brain and lung edema and other traumas and disorders that can impact our clients at altitude.

4) Tested Contingency Plan
We pay special attention to our contingency plans for search and rescue and evacuation of people from health problems. Routines and plans have been executed and well proven with complete success in the cases in which is has been necessary.

5) Own evacuation service
We have several different transportation services for Aconcagua and have the quickest access to health care centres. In the case of greater emergency evacuations, Aconcagua Provincial Park offers helicopter services to the park entrance.
We have access to rangers, rescue teams, Police, medical professionals and medial institutes specializing in mountain accidents who are immediately put on alert and mobilised whenever they are required by INKA Expeditions.