Aconcagua is usually a mountain with a good climate. However, snow storms and strong winds can show up at any time. The official ascension season starts on Nov 15 th to March 15 th . Our expeditions start in middle November and last first days of March. Towards the end of November and the first days of December, it is usually colder, the days are shorter and the winds are stronger towards the end of February. But you must be prepared for a storm. I was in a strong snow storm in February once, but usually the sun shines most of the summer and the winds are not dangerous under normal conditions.

The permit is obtained the second day in our expeditions, before going to Penitentes. We transport you to the Park office and assist you in the procedures.

The permit to enter the Park is carried out by the government of Mendoza . The transaction is done once, personally and not transferable, meaning everybody must present themselves at the Natural Resources Board with their passport and sign the permit there, in presence of a government public official. The permit fee depends on the date one enters the Park. We recommend you to check the Park’s official website where you’ll find the updated prices www.aconcagua.mendoza.gov.ar

Doctors and rangers have the authority to stop your ascent or request your immediate evacuation when they consider that your safety is compromised.
For additional information about park regulations click here: www.aconcagua.mendoza.gov.ar

We can arrange or plan a regional flight from Santiago (Chile) to Mendoza or a domestic flight Buenos Aires-Mendoza. ANother option is to send a minibus to pick you up from the airport in Santiago (Chile) and drive you to the Hotel in Mendoza. Contact Us for prices.