Mules for transportation

Included services

  • Load transport with our own mules towards the main base camps of the Aconcagua.
  • Assistance in the packing of your load and the protection of your equipment and food.
  • Load deposited at Penitentes and Plaza de Mulas.
    (we don’t provide this service at Plaza Argentina).
  • Climber transportation in vehicles from your lodging area (Penitentes) to the starting point of you trek to the two different approaching routes, Horcones or Punta de Vacas. (IN or OUT according on the hired section: IN ascent of equipment// OUT descent of equipment.
  • Usage of latrine tents at base camps.
  • Free disposal of litter if you hire this service, back and forth.
  • Having radio communications to ask mules for descend.

In INKA Expeditions we have our own mules for transportation, which guarantees a safe arrival for both people and loads transported. They also transport all provisions of fruits, vegetables and fresh food to the camps.

Each animal can transport a maximum weight of 60 kg. This is why we insist on not packing loads that weigh more than 30 kg in one bag, because we have to balance the loads, with a maximum weight of 30 kg on each side of the mule. The mules and the mule drivers transport the loads to base camp, except for your personal daily backpack.


The muleteers called “Arrieros”, are historic characters in Argentina. They are strong and simple men that live in the country and work with animals from a very young age. Each one of them works with 3 loaded mules to guarantee safety for the transported equipment. They are responsible for loading and unloading the mules, and also help the climbers to cross the strong mountain rivers and they are always happy to share with you their knowledge of the area.

Permanent staff at camps

At Puente del Inca, Plaza de Mulas and Plaza Argentina we operate our own permanent camps. They carry out all coordination work, such as receiving, dispatching and storing transported equipment brought by the mules. We also have radio communication to reserve your mules on your return and from any point on the mountain.