Since its first season aired in 2010, INKA Expeditions is the company responsible for the logistics services, support and assistance to the Reality Show “The Conqueror of the Aconcagua”, the most important television production that has been filmed at Cerro Aconcagua, with a continuity of 3 seasons so far.

The Conqueror of Aconcagua is an adventure reality show that is broadcast in Spain, which consists of the ascent of America’s highest peak, located in Argentina: Mt. Aconcagua which stands at 6,960,8 meters.

The program, presented by renowned athlete and TV entertainer Julian Iantzi, with the participation of Juanito Oiarzabal as team captain, will attempt, after going through several tests on the mountain, to ascend to the summit of Aconcagua.

For the adventurous it is a reality show that appeals because of its spirit of adrenaline. For those who have never practiced these sports, it is intriguing to understand what happens in these kinds of experiences.

The Production of the show trust INKA Expeditions not only for their services, but also in their professional expertise for all the activities performed, so that the experience of survival in the mountains, in extreme situations, be as realistic as possible.


SEASON 02 – 2011  : CLICK HERE

SEASON  03  – 2012 : CLICK HERE