Mountaineers from all over the world recommend us for the personalized attention, excellence and quality of our services and the warm and friendly treatment .​



First agency to organize scheduled expeditions, departures 100% guaranteed to Mount Aconcagua.

We are the only company with street level front office open for any visitors.

We own the best infraestructure and the most complete camps in the mountain.


26 years of experience, persistence and presence in Aconcagua.

Only family business run by its owners, climbers that have achieved Aconcagua’s summit at 16 years old.



The guides are the most experienced and qualified. All of them authorized by Aconcagua Park Authorities.

All the comunication system is integrated between camps, guides, logistic center and Mendoza’s office.

We have our own contingency plan for searching and evacuation, including our own medical equipment.


Only company that has received recognition for Excellence in Animal Care and Welfare in our mules to transport loads.

Only company compromised to the implementation of an asset care plan and ongoing environmental conservation


Only company that provides personalized assistance and monitoring its customers in case of evacuation in the mountains and in the city of Mendoza

We customize your expedition to organize your program according to your needs.

We offer special meals according to your specific diet in our camps, no extra cost.

We are the company that provides higher quality and speed of response to resolve all queries and doubts


1st  Company to certify ISO 9001 in providing services in Aconcagua and IRAM SECTUR standards.

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